about me

hi there,

i'm jessica and this is my blog where i write about a little bit of everything as i chronicle the days of my life as a professional nanny and new wife of a year.  :-)

morrison lane was the road where i was raised my entire life, and morrison was also my maiden name.  my dad's only address was morrison lane, so i think it's pretty cool.

i no longer live on the lane, i'm a nashville girl now, about an hour away from home.  last year, i married my favorite guy, brad, and love loving him well and being his wife.
that's brad.  he's cute.
during the day, you can find me running around with twin boys or a curly headed little girl as i am their nanny for my full time job.

i have been blogging for a few years and love writing and taking pictures, and all things creative.

thanks for stopping by!

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