glue vs. sunscreen

yesterday i was making the background for the cards that my little fellas (the kids i nanny) were gonna eventually put hearts and stickers on as well as their name.  they are three, their name looked like a ladder at times, and sometimes there were some letters in there...i identified several letters -A, C, O, E, Y- at some point i was complimenting one of the boys that he was doing a good job writing his name, "oh, oh, ms. jethica.  that's not my name.  that's a bad guy!" so, on some cards there are names, others bad guys (bet he gives those to the girls).
back to my original thought.  so i was making the background for these cards while they were napping.  i chose yellow and orange paper, the boys favorite colors and was glueing black paper the yellow and orange.  (i know it sounds like halloween, but trust me, they were cute.  the boys would eventually glue red and pink hearts all over as well as some lovely love stickers upside down and all around.  there were hearts hanging over the edges, upside down, all over. they were quite lovely.  after they did all there handy work complete with their names or bad guys, i made a cute little white banner to glue across each one that said "happy valentines day.")  the boys had fun and they turned out really cute.
and again, got distracted from my original thought...
while the boys slept, i made the backgrounds.  i cut all the yellow and orange paper into cute little rectangles, tore the black paper (just a little smaller than the yellow or orange) so it would have a rough edge, and "glued" it to the center of the yellow or orange paper.  
glued?  yeah, no.  after "glueing" twenty-four of these bad boys, i noticed they looked greasy.  i just thought the glue was old, having a hard time drying, whatever.  didn't give it much thought.
the boys mom was just getting home, she walked in as i was holding the glue in my hand.  AND SAID.  "is that sunscreen?"  WHAT!?  (and of course, you know i was thinking, "who do you take me for...why would i use suncreen, helllllooooo.")  yep.  sunscreen.  i was using sunscreen to precisely "glue" all my valentines.  every last one of them was greasy, and wet looking, just gross. note to self: SUNSCREEN DOES NOT EVER DOUBLE AS GLUE.  
to make myself not look like a complete do-do.  
1.  it was in a tube (sunscreen for faces, ya know.)
2.  it looked just like tube glue.  exactly.  do you ever read the outside of glue to make sure it's not sunscreen?  yeah, didn't think 'twas necessary.  well, it is apparently. for me.
3.  it went on smooth just like glue.
4.  it was in the arts and crafts drawer in the playroom.
so after replacing the sunscreen with glue (which was not in the arts and crafts drawer in the playroom), i wiped off the sunscreen, tore new black paper (the yellow and orange were fine, little greasy, but nothing a little black paper couldn't handle) and glued those things together.  
glued them.  that's right.
so if you're around these parts and you happen to see a yellow or orange valentine that might have gotten worries.  at least it's protected from the hot sun!  
multi-tasker, that's me.  

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Shelly said...

Hahaha. that is AWESOME! Hilarious!

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