the library.

the first time i went to the downtown public library in nashville, i was hooked.  not only is the place beautiful, there is a parking garage if it is raining and there are books for days, weeks, months...years!  any place with that many books has to be fabulous!  
from the homeless people who open the doors at 9:00 am to get warm from the cold nights to the tired, hair in a ponytail mom...this place is a place for everyone.  it just hugs you and makes you feel like you are in the right place.  
if you are a child (i guess you are probably not reading this...haha) or hang out with the likes of them, in my becomes a once (not gonna lie, sometimes twice!) a week stop.  tuesdays and wednesdays they have an exceptional program for children.  juggling, drawing, singing, puppets and books are just a few of festivities that happen in "storytime."  then fridays and saturdays they have marionette shows that are absolutely unbelievable.  and of course everything is FREE. 
provence is in the library, as well as a lovely courtyard with a fountain. great for a lunch outside on a pretty day, and in the summer there are lunch concerts.  it's a good time.  (if you can keep the little fellas out of the fountain!)
below are some pictures of the current marionette show 
"anansi the spider."
crazy bird is our favorite!
i have no idea where my little fellas were 
while i was taking all the pictures.  
but i found them when the lights came on.  
(just kidding.  breathe.  they were on me and beside me!)

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Alicia said...

I absolutely agree with you! I've only been there a couple of times, but it does suck you in and you are hooked! I only wish I had more day time hours to spend there during the school year. When we took the kids to the model train show, I wanted so bad to take them to see the Anansi show, but we couldn't be there at the right time. I really hope I can spend more time there this summer with my kiddos! Thanks for the reminder!

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