morrison lane, roscoe and my sweet nephew seth.

born and raised on morrison lane my entire life,
 i never realized until the other day how much it has to offer.
(thanks seth, for spending your afternoon with us.)
long driveways.
  where you can eventually convince roscoe that he "weally weally" DOES want to go for a walk.
personal trainers.
and a "weal lellow brick road!"
lots of brownish, green grass.
 for relaxing.
personal transportation.
by safe, secure arms.
(thanks seth!)
undivided attention.
(although roscoe seems distracted.)
golf ball retrieval.  
with man's best friend and a big boy.
priceless to three year olds who want to be big.
tiger wouldn't be tiger without his.
let's be honest.
a golf instructor, by the fella in red.
i hear he's hard core.
clubs that are just your size and more undivided attention.

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