tv. or not tv.

i was raised without a television.  yes, you read correctly. no tv, poor me. that's not completely the truth.  i had a television until i was five years old. here's how the story was told to me, and OF COURSE i believe everything i am told. (p.s. when i was in elementary school, some boy told me that gerald hale had a white leg and a black leg, and i believed him.  i still kinda do.  why would someone lie about that?)  
my mom told me that we were keeping a tv for her friend, whose husband was in the military, and they were being stationed in germany.  i would assume we had one before we "kept" their tv, because i am sure that would have come up... so we kept their television, and when i was five, they moved back to tennessee and needed their tv.  
we gave it back.  because we are nice.
and thus began my life without a tv.  you feel sorry for me, don't you? the only bad memory that i have is pouting about not being able to watch sesame street. pouting?  okay.  maybe it was a full blown "this-is-not-fair-i-need-a-tv-like-all-my-other-friends-mommy-daddy-please-but-sesame-street."  i don't actually remember.  right.  
i got over that and really don't remember missing it AT ALL.  i do know that i love to read.  i love to read.  i do also know that i talked to my parents a lot.  i do know that all my friends always wanted to come to my house to have sleepovers. every friday night.  my poor momma.
not gonna lie.  i did go to aunt sherry's to watch 90210 every week.   she also corrupted me with dirty dancing.  she's my favorite aunt.
so with the digital transition near, what to do?  i have plenty of televisions in the house, but the one in my room is old and old.  did i mention old?  i need to get a new one.  or a converter box.  or a new one.  maybe a large flatscreen.  but here's the problem.  i do not want to pay for it.  i have gotten cheap in my old age.  (i am not old at all, by the way.  young.)  maybe target will give me one. for free.  i need it. i really do.  
let's be honest.  
i will probably go and buy one tomorrow.  
from target.  
p.s.  i just remembered i kept a tv in my adult life for friends that were in the military!  
and i was called a "butt giwl" (translation:  butt girl) yesterday by one of my little fellas.  

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