friday the 13th.

my friday the 13th. 
just felt the need to share.  
and i am only hitting the highlights, by the way.
-went on a date.  with one of my little fellas. that's what we call it when their mom or myself has just one fella. 
i did learn that when you are on a date with a boy, " can carry me in yo' awms, ms. jessica, if you want to, since we are on a date."  learn something new everyday.   i carried him in my arms, the entire date.  you're only three once. 
-ran.  the gym was empty.  i watched tiger.  he was not having a good day.  at all.
-showered.  shocker, i know.  
-blew my hair dry.  shut UP!  i know!
-resisted the urge to put my hair in a pony tail. now you don't even know who i am anymore, do you?
-put on mascara.  i am just not myself today, clearly.
-wore uggs.  because they were needed.  i would like to point out it was hot this time last week.  and today it is freezing.  not a little cold, it is freezing.
-wore clothes.  real ones.  not workout clothes all day.  yes, it's me.  jessica. caca.  wocka caca.  cocky wocky.  my favorite number is 42, is me!
-untangled five gold necklaces and a pair of hoop earrings for over an hour.  bliss.  the highlight of the day.  its like a working a puzzle that is impossible.  i should have taken a picture of the mess they started in, i didn't.  sorry.
-had a tangle with lightning mcqueen and spiderman.  more spiderman, but i won.  he liked to have got me.  i am a good untangler (see above).
-had dinner with the fellas.  and got to hear this  "deawr god.  thank you for making our tummies full and thank you for wions (lions).  amen."
-kissed two cute little fellas goodnight.  and got a karate chop.  must be love.

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