golf 101

he (tiger woods) plays today 
(that's a sunday picture, not a thursday picture,
by the way).  
so do a lot of other professional golfers.
when tiger plays...
this is the only thing i allow my little fellas to do.  
(clearly, we haven't discussed the dress code allowed on the course)
one step at a time, people.
MONDAY through WEDNESDAY, to get prepared for the weekend...this is our schedule...
MONDAY - ball retrieval.
TUESDAY - separate the golf balls from  big dogs. this is a harder job than you would think.  
WEDNESDAY - perfecting the swing.
we are at 98% clearly.  
throw in a little caddie 101...just in case.
this is how impressed they are with me.
next on our to do list...
(i have no idea who will teach them this...HELP. ME!)

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John and Sarah Clore said...

I'm learning how to blog better from you.

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