afternoon fun.

there are several things i know for sure this week.  actually there are only a few.  this particular one, though...i am confident.  
if you are three, which i am also confident not one person reading this is, an afternoon of no plans and undivided attention can be a blast.
if you are older than three, like yours truly, an afternoon of no plans and undivided attention can also be a blast.
two more things.  i tell parents all the time that children under three are bipolar. think about it, i am on to something. and the oddest things end up being the most fun.  case in point, see below.
dog cage.  borrowed umbrella.  mix matched socks.  and a tennessee shirt.
and performing the song, "po' some shuga on me (poor some sugar on me)."
p.s.  jake (the dog) has never been in here before.  i am not kidding. he is very confused, the little fella is lovin' the control.
when he noticed me taking pictures, he promptly said, "hey, ms. jethica.  take a pictule of the back of my shiwt." i have no idea why.  i am a good listener.  well, not really...i got sidetracked...
and headed to the shoes.  and socks.  he picked them out himself. they do not match.  he is so proud.
he figures if he twaps him, by hugging him, he will stay.  i did not work.
now we have moved on to "i can't get no satisfaction."
finally, he is over the cage and singing, but not the umbrella.  notice we still are keeping close tabs on the brella...ella...ella. first find.  a screw.  notice the disappointment written all over his face.
"well, fine then, ms. jessica.  if you can not find a wolm for me, i will make a T."  
finally.  i would like to thank the worms for participating.
and guess where the photographer was?  yep, laying right beside him. i will do anything for a picture.  
and to top it all off...we found hidden treasure.  (part of pvc pipe) don't tell him.  "oh, look!  ms. jethica...we found a bootiful magical shell."  
(p.s.  all these photos were taken with my iphone! not a real camera.)

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