baby love

what is it about the baby that can just get you in your gut?  this is my cousins baby, we had a date sunday.  and i think i might have fallen in love.  we had not seen each other in a while, and the moment he saw me, he laid a big fat wet kiss on me (and then proceeded to try and pull my teeth out), then he said, "moo" over and over again, pointed to the light, to which i relied, "light!"  about three hundred and fifty times, then he kissed me again, another wet one and cried when i had to leave.  he loves me. some things you just know for sure.
puh-lease!  how can you not love that face?  ain't nothin' but love.
apparently, he has another interest.  i think he might like her more, she has just texted him.  and you know boys.  boys will be boys. immediately after i took this picture, he chewed on the cellular for thirty minutes.  that was even cute.  he had me from hello.
and pacifiers, i kinda have a soft spot for them.  who are you kidding? 
and look at those dimples in his hands.
then this guy appeared out of no where...
how embarrassing.  he is trying to be polite and look away, but...
i caught him.  the pacifier can not hide that smile.  don't you just kinda want to eat him up?

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