happy birthday ld.

this is LD.  she is one of my very best friends.  and today is her birthday and i am not there to celebrate.  birthdays are a HUGE deal to me, and i wish i was there to celebrate.  woo hoo.  the partay will not be the same without me, i am sure.  i bet she can hardly wait.  she thinks like a man though and it drives me batty.  i'm just sayin'.  doesn't she look manly?  she has odd discipline styles for her daughter. (see below)  but seem to be effective.  they are both smiling.  
p.s.  she would like me to tell you that this was a tacky christmas sweater party...she would not normally adorn her twenty something year old self with multiple santas (sorry mr. claus) on chambray.  not that there is anything wrong with it...just not quite her style.  you are welcome.
LD is not only a mom to this loveliness, but also a grandmother.  (see below)  she's good to those babies though.  she looks good to be a memaw, huh?  
she can dance, when she's not laughing.  holla.
chest bumps are her specialty.
did i mention she's a coach too?   none of the dad's would do it, so she stepped up to the plate...errr....basket.   she is cool like that. just don't check her pulse after the game.  or look at her.  or talk to her.  or smile at her.  or breathe at her.  you've been warned. could we get a little crowd control, puh-lease?  please.  hello???  have you seen your child?  my friend is trying to coach here.  
she loves all things UT.  a lot.  she is just a regular ole' sports fanantic.  she will even watch golf with me (if she is suddenly immobilized or has the bird flu, or i glue her to the couch.)  or i beg and scream that no one will ever watch golf with me, ever!!!  yeah, that really doesn't work.  
she takes tumbles often.  those darn ankles are always causing her trouble.  the latest incident occurred in st. louie  that's my car.  that's her foot, buried under the ice. 
later, i got her a mountain dew to take the pain away.  
this is how she looks at me, most all of the time.  love.  do you see it?  yeah, me neither.  she is probably making this face right now as she is reading.
if i wasn't traveling today LD, i would make you brownies, and a cake. or anything you wanted.  i really would.  (man, i planned this trip just right...)
i am so thankful for LD and all the things she means to me.  i appreciate her friendship.  i admire her parenting skills and how she never complains.  she has taken what life has given her and made the best of it, and is rearing a remarkable young lady to top it off.  she is lovely both inside and out.  
happy birthday.

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