happy birthday ryan!

today is my friend ryan's birthday.  when he moved to nashville, he was invited through a friend to come over to a party that my roommates and i were having.  he came and never left.  literally. he and i became instants friends.  i have only met a handful of people in my life that the moment i met them, i knew we would be friends for life.  he is one of those friends.
life has not always been kind to ryan and he has not always been kind to life.  when he moved to nashville, he needed a friend just to be there.  someone to be a constant and tell him it was gonna get better and things were going to be okay.  i was the chosen one.  sometimes i didn't think i was up for the task, but i knew he needed me.  and as much as he needed me, i needed him.  he taught me a lot about life and the hard knocks that can make or break you.  
once he was broken, he traded in the brokenness for life.
life is different for ryan now.  he has come a long way.  ryan lives in north carolina now, he faces life and the challenges head on.  and in three days he is going to marry his love, jaime.  
i could not be prouder of my friend.  
Happy Birthday Wyan!

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