how to save a life...

"friends don't let friends drive drunk."  i know you have heard that before.  what should be more well known is this..."friends don't let friends cut hair."  
but for some reason, this appeared to be a good idea.  three very intelligent men, on a golf course, with no hair cutting experience (let's take a look at the dude holding the clippers hair -or lack there of). and by all means...let's video this, because it is gonna be awesome!
"hey, what up golf cart?  yeah, we are rednecks.  we are getting our hair did."
have you seen your child?  
what's more important?  
loosing your children or loosing your hair?
clearly...loosing your hair.
notice the smile.  "hey, this is cool, thanks uncle b!"
and then...
!@#$!  "you did what?  there is a bald spot?  in MY head?"
then this happened.
boys.  men.  guys.  stop it.  stop it.  seriously?
have i mentioned i went to hair school?  i know how to do this.  but i will just watch.  
i am good. really.  
ummm.  yeah.  i don't think he is coming back.  
"hey, but if he does...this is how you use the clippers..."
after his daddy went crazy, he started shooting gang signs.  
okay.  i think he was casting a web (he is peter parker if you didn't already notice).
"jessica, get up here and fix this."
"nooooo, i do not want to get involved."
"seriously, do it.  fix this."
"okay.  ugh."
saving lives.  saving jobs.  saving hair.  it's what i do.  just call me the clean up crew.
apparently, they still had some hair cutting tips.  i did not listen.  but keep talking guys, i will pretend to be listening.  "huh, what did you say?  oh, yeah...sure."
thank you to my resident photographer.  he took all these pictures.  i am not kidding.  he is three.  and he is already a better shot than me.  
look, i can't watch the children.
cut the hair. 
take the pictures.
and write about it...without an assistant.
i have two.  i am a big deal.

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