just when i start to feel good about myself.

i can take a good picture occasionally.  i can be a good friend occasionally.  i can nanny like nobody's business (ah haha).  i can clean my room occasionally.  i can even discuss the show twin peaks and possibly hold my own, occasionally [this is a skill i have recently learned and am quite proud].  i can even give you a mean haircut.  i can sew and quilt.  
and then this happens.  i get this email.  and learn.  i am nothing. i have no talents or skills compared to this guy.  
apparently it takes him up to four hours to paint his hand and then he photographs it.  he has talent.  he has skill.  i am impressed.  how do you even begin to do this?
he must just need more to do...
but in the mean time, i need to go...
i have a hand to paint.
i'll let you know how it goes.
don't hold your breath.

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