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lately it seems there has been a lot of goings on in my life.  some new changes that are fun and exciting.  some new changes that scare me and are neither fun nor exciting.  either gotta take time to smell the roses.  or at the very least take notice when the sun is so pretty you can hardly stand
you hang your head out of the car real bo dukes like (don't ask how i got in the car...) and grab your camera (which you should always have on your person) and shoot a picture (i like to say "shoot a picture"  or anything with shoot and picture in the sentence it makes me feel like a real pro...the things i do just to makes myself feel better...) of the amazing sunshine.  the sun that is so beautiful, you wonder how people can actually convince themselves and believe there is no god.  all while going 70 or so miles an hour (i was not driving and we were on salem ridge road, which happens to be the turn off morrison lane, if you are wondering...not highly populated in those parts...  so i as safe as the sun was pretty.  
so the picture.  not so impressive.  but the sun that day. wow.  you should come to morrison lane sometime.  the sun there, it will "wow" you.  it had me from hello.
a few days later, she was hanging out with her best chicago buds in hendersonville and i thought i would "shoot" a few of her duck feeding skills.  the gals got skills.  i don't like this dress she has on, it makes her look like a teenager.  she loves it. i refuse to give in.  there were more ducks, goose and poop than i have ever seen in my entire life.  and trust me, i have seen a lot of all three.
then this unfortunate thing happened.  i mean, not to be rough on the butterfly, but seriously.  please pick another leg to rest your weary wings on.  i have children to chase and these here legs are busy, find another rest stop.  he would not leave me alone.  i stood up, ran a little, sat back down.  and it was automatic, he was on me like bread on butter.  i have that effect on people sometimes.  i am kidding.  maybe pink for butterflies are like red for bulls.  i have no idea, other than...i now have a bff that is brown with wings.  don't be jealous.  we can all hang out sometime.  i would like to name him cletus.  because if you are any friend of mine, that is what i will call or name you eventually.  
P.S.  and you tickle like crazy.
and then this here fella had a birthday, so did his brother.  and wolverine wanted his picture made, and i happened to have the camera, so i obliged.  because i am that nice.  and a little scared of wolverine if i am being honest.  have you seen the claws on that guy?
this sums it up.  last week.  birthdays.  lightning mcqueen, gotta love that guy.  bumble bee, we are fans of you too.  
HOUSTON.  yeah.  um..........we have a pwoblem.

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