have couch? will travel.

my little fellas decided sometime last week that they needed a "bacation." they were going to drive to their "bacation" and have a break.
i am just telling you what i was told.
they are over stressed, four year olds. they need a break from their nanny, clearly. and a "bacation" is the only way to achieve this.
leavin'. on a jet plane.
the couch was their vehicle. they picked up a hot gal along the way. and they were off. notice the luggage in the back (er...side of the couch). they obviously had a driver, because they were napping on their journey.
i was told to tell them when five minutes was up. then they would have to turn. then tell them when seven minutes was, so they could be there.
they are four, bless them.
i don't know about you, but...when i go on "bacation" i make sure to take boggle, yahtzee and 355 pairs of shoes. because all of these are necessities to a successful "bacation."
especially when you are four.
oh, to be four again.

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Alicia said...

i love that! lilly and matthew routinely go on what they call "beecation". Rather than the couch, their vehicle is our brick hearth. They load that sucker up as high as they can! Oddly enough, they always pack a few games and LOTS of shoes!
My children have also been on "beecation" with my in laws quite a bit. Their first trip with the grandparents was to see family in Michigan. They stayed in a Super 8 Motel. So, every time we pass at Super 8, one of them in always say, "Hey! We need to go and stay at that Super 8 and be on "beecation!".

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