so this morning i was having breakfast with one of my favorite peoples. and i told this story. about my mama. (good thing she is not internet savvy, 'cause i am always telling on her...)
one time (at band camp...i am kidding) when i was a teenager, and i know this is hard for some of you to believe but i often (regretfully) smarted off to my mom. i never did to my dad...he never smarted off to me first... but when i was a teenager, i did not alway use the best tone with my mother. (nor did she with me...if i am going down, i am taking her with me...) as an adult, i look back and think of how she did not knock me sideways. she did not, but she did do this...
i had been told earlier in the day to clean my room. i had probably been told earlier in the week to do it, and had neglected to do so... i remember thinking that it was clean, and that it looked okay. well, appar-ent-LY my mother did not agree. she came into my room to check the status of the clean up.
i told her it was clean.
she told me it was not.
then she said,
"now it's not clean, now clean up this mess."
as she flung the entire deck of UNO cards across my room and onto the floor.
i don't really remember what happened after that.
i do really remember that i never left a deck of UNO cards out in my room again.
and to this day i am not a huge fan of the game.
now you know why.
then end.

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