that same night that we met eli, al, sheryl and bucky...this happened.
oh, yes it did.
on interstate 440. at 10:30 in the evening. 'twas a lot of traffic.
if you passed and honked.
we are no longer friends.
never ever.
i was the girl standing in a short dress that was not very appropriate for standing on the side of the interstate with the rush of winds that a semi brings...i tried to keep my undergarments from being exposed to the world, or at least 440, not quite sure i succeeded. from now on, i am going to be like ellen and only wear pants. after all, they are much more practical.
on a serious note, i overcame some fears that night. or at least worked on some. i have always feared that if i was driving and a tire blew, i would loose control of the car and end up in worse shape than it should have been. i was driving when the tire blew, and i was in control the entire time. did not loose control of the car. did not panic. cool, calm and collected. i think, don't ask him. he might tell you another story. but this is my blog! and for the record, i did okay.
he did too.
do you know how scary it was watching him change this tire? his life passed before my eyes every time a semi, car or truck passed going entirely too fast, and were inches from his back. i was calm, but it was so scary watching him and being helpless and thinking, "if a car hits him, what am i gonna do?" it was really scary. just the thought of something happening to him, not a good feeling. when i think about it now even, it give me goose bumps. apparently, he laughs in the face of danger...
nothing happened to him. he got the tire changed in no time flat (no pun intended, but that is kinda funny...). i would like to tell you that i told him what and how to do the changing of the tire. i did not. he was in control and worked like a professional. quick and to the point.
and besides there was no time for me to help him. i was too busy trying to keep my dress from flying over my head and taking pictures. how annoying, i know, i know. he is sweating and trying to avoid being hit and i am snapping pictures.
he hasn't talked to me since.
can't say i blame him.
but if that tire would not have blown, and if he would not have put himself in harms way. i would not have gotten this picture. and i am rather fond of it. did you know this beauty of a crack and a weed is on I-440? no you did not!
and if you are ever driving down the road, tryin' to loosen' your load...this here pole is the exact location of the of where we were forced to hang out for an hour of our lives that evening. look at those screws. how DO they get those to work? some things i will never understand.
oh what a night.

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