often times, change scares me. even when i know with the change will come progress. sometimes, the unknown completely levels me. and makes me unable to move. unable to speak.
when i think back to the person that i was five years ago to the person that i am now, it amazes me. not that i am amazing by any means, but that i allowed and accepted the changes that got me to where i am today. i still have a long way to go. a long way to go. a very long way to go.
it all started with learning that i had to love myself.
in order to break free of the cocoon,
i have to learn to fly.
with change, the unknown occurs.
when this caterpillar decided to cocoon, he probably wasn't thinking his worm days were over. he just knew what he had to do. he knew it was the next step in is life. that change was coming.
and he flew.

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