miss mabel

this green lima like cocoon thing is outside my back door.
i think it is absolutely stunning, it even has a gold hue looking at it from some angles.
i like her. i think i might love her.
i need to sit a camera up so i can see if and when a butterfly pops out. or a treasure.
is she a butterfly, or a beautiful unique thingy.
i think she's a unique thingy. 'cause i googled cocoons and not a darn one looked like this little lady. i think i am naming her mabel. miss mabel.
my main concern about miss mabel is that she is barely holding on. holding on by a thread.
you think super glue would be a good idea just so she'll stay with me longer?
miss mabel, please don't leave me. mr. scales needs a friend, and i am thinking with your green coat with a dapper dose of gold, he would take a liking to you.
uh huh. that's right.
and i am rather fond of you too.
what are you becoming? what are you evolving to be? maybe as you grow and evolve to be something beautiful, i will follow your lead.

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