you need to know.

if you ever decide you need to sell some books because you have entirely too many. and go to mckays to do this. be prepared to wait. a long time. also be prepared to see some interesting folks... and talk someone into going with you to carry the books for you. books are heavy folks. and if you go alone, and happen to drop them in the parking lot. get over yourself. everyone saw you, be embarrassed.
but whatever you do, do not forget your phone, because you can take inconspicuous pictures, and no one knows. this is where i met the dude that had a tat of my name scrolled in a very large and rather disturbing font (you know how i am about fonts, right alicia!?) on his arm.
note to self (or anyone that would ever think it wise to get my name tattooed on your arm):
1: don't
2. please don't
3. and if you do, can i approve the font?
and if you ever get the chance to paint an owl (such as this one), don't outline him with black, because...
you will just have to do it over in green. i like to pretend her name is millie. millie resides at the fellas house on the little princesses wall. i like to think she is very anthropology-ish. if you are thinking she is rather wal-mart-ish - keep your opinion to yourself. millie would be offended.
and if you ever sell anything on craigs list for $175.00 and this is the amount of money you receive. don't think to long and hard before you realize it is a scam.
take a picture to amuse yourself that you fell for it, tear the check up, lock the doors and be on your merry way.
and if someone ever talks you into this.
just say, "no."
and last but not least, you should know.
the bigger the hair, the better the sleep.


Alicia said...

Oh my! I am soooooooooooo honored! I made it into one of your blog posts! Well, at least I hope you were talking to me! I will assume you were, so please don't tell me if you weren't! And I also really hope you made that check up yourself on pse! And....I LOVE the owl.....because you'll want my approval! And the couch pic just looked like fun times! And I love the fella's hair! fantastic! one of my favorite blog posts yet! BTW, I'm getting my tat tomorrow in THAT font! Love ya!

brad d said...

hahaha....this is funny.

John and Sarah Clore said...

i love me some mckay! john and i made $125 selling our old stuff there. good times!

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