angels vs. yankees.

have i mentioned i went to los angeles last month? just in case you missed it, i did. lots of new things to see and do, new discoveries to be had, and the fires only kept us from one thing...shew.
while there, we went to two baseball games. this night we were at the angels vs. the yankees.
(i would like to stop here and let it be known jon gosselin was there too. stop it. i know you are impressed...kate hudson was not there, she was there the night before with goldie and kurt. i know this because i was politely listening to the conversation going on behind me. you haven't done this before...)
we decided to get camera happy. well, let's be honest, when am i not camera happy? HE decided to get camera happy. and of course, i had a lot of information and tutorials to offer. something like this i am sure, "hold the camera higher. more to the left. higher. hold on, let me tilt my head..." i mean, really, when will i learn to just BE QUIET? i am so annoying. he always listens and smiles. he ALWAYS pretends to listen and smiles.
*FLASH* the picture is taken. it is blurry. the guy behind me is apparently about to pour his ice cold beer on my head (probably because he knows i was listening to his earlier conversation...) do i ever stop talking? did i not see the flash about to go off? because apparently i am still offering suggestions on how to make a great picture even better...come on, i get on my own nerves. and then this happened...
just when i thought i was out of harms way. the beer did not spill. i was over the fact that the picture was blurry. i was sorry i was talking so much. i really was....
shew. he forgave me. only because he made me promise to be quiet and smile. i didn't speak the rest of the trip.
and if you believe this, you will believe anything...

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