i need to share this with you.

today at target. my favorite place in the entire world. someone was rude to me. "how rude," as stephanie tanner used to say. full house, i know you remember that show.
i was checking out, because i was purchasing a rather grand eggplant colored corduroy skirt that will look super-de dooper with tights and boots. jealous, you are.
anyway. the guy in front of me, who was a dead ringer for daniel johnston (and if you know who he is, points for you. if you do not...you should look him up. www.hihowareyou.com), kinda did not have it together. he forgot to comb his hair before he left the house, maybe forgot to put his feet completely in his shoes and his jogging pants were a little too short. i found him rather endearing, and wanted to be his friend. that's a whole 'nother story. he was purchasing several things, a pre-paid cell phone to be included in the loot.
the gentleman checking him out and soon to be checking me out (okay...that does not sound right, he was not checking me out, let's just leave it at, i am pretty sure i was not his type. he was ringing us up...better?), asked daniel johnston's twin, after they had a small argument about the price of the pre-paid phone, if he would like to apply for a target credit card. (which by the way makes me salivate. can you imagine the damage you could do with a target credit card, and what if it was a pre-paid target credit card..." a girl can dream.)
the gentleman politely negatively replied.
the salesclerk unhappy with his answer said, "but you could pay it off today."
"no thank you."
"but you would save 10%."
"no thank you."
the gentleman gets his $76 worth of goods (which would have been $68.40 had he applied for the darn card. i always did love me some percentages.) and departed. i am still in line and happy. maybe i look unhappy or smell. i had just left the gym. i handed him my fabulous skirt, to which i expected to get a comment about, because it is rather cool.
he said, "$21.84."
i handed him $22.00
he gave me back my change. let's remember, he still has not said a word to me. nothing. no greeting. nothing. just the price of my skirt. maybe he is just efficient...
he hands me back my change. i grab my bag and say, "have a good day."
he says, "yeah. okay. whatever."
maybe it just wasn't his day. maybe more people like this need to work at target so i will be detoured and not go there as much.
yeah, that's not gonna happen.
i heart target. i always have. always will.
yeah. okay. whatever.

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