she did good.

some of you have asked, so i will share.
my mom competed in healthsprings silverstars talent show on saturday at the ryman auditorium. there were ten other finalist, my mother being the best of course. she did a tribute to minnie pearl. there were dancers, an opera singer, crooners and some original songs. it was a neat show for individuals over sixty.
there was even a gentleman who played the spoons, i got about thirty years to perfect my skills so i compete in this show...still need to find a talent. hmmmmmm.
there was a first, second and third place prize. my mom did not place, but she DID get the loudest applause and captivated the crowd from the moment she stepped on the stage. i really do feel like she got cheated from placing in the top three (this is my blog, i am HER daughter, so i can say and feel that way, okay???). she had a good time, and was very disappointed that she did not place, when they announced the number three and two, i felt for sure that she had taken it, but the opera singer ended up winning.
she is still number one in my book, as well as the other fans that came to see her compete. there were over one hundred people in the crown to see her compete. that says a lot about my mom, don't you think? she is a friend to everyone and never meets a stranger. she would make minnie pearl proud if she were alive today.
i don't usually write personal names in my post (because i am weird, i guess), but would like to thank bessie, brad, sarah and kara for coming out to support my mom. it meant a lot to have all of you there, and i really do appreciate you all for taking the time out of your day to be there to see her. thank you.

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