i get so wrapped up in my little world and stress about things that are not even worthy of a second thought. stress about things i can not control. and do not want to control. and harbor over it and then let it ruin my day. and while i am stressing and ALLOWING myself to have a woe is me day, i not once think about the fact that:
there are people that are hungry that will not eat tonight.
there are babies that need someone to love them.
there are children that have no one to hold them tight and tell them they love them.
there are people that will be cold tonight and might sleep under a bridge.
there are people that are in hospitals all over that are too young to die.
there are people that are sad.
there are people that have no hope.
there are people that are in pain.
there are people that have just been told they have cancer.
i have no real stress. in my life, i have been blessed. i have people that love me. people that have my back. i am not hungry and tonight i will sleep in a warm bed. if i get lonely, i have friends and family that i can call. i have hope for tomorrow, i am not in pain and i have a wonderful life. so instead i should think about:
that mother that thought she could never have a baby who is now pregnant.
that girl who thought no one would ever love her and he does.
the guy with butterflies who just bought a diamond to propose to the love of his life.
the person that has just been told their cancer is in remission.
the grooms who is staring at his bride as she walks down the isle.
the person who is lonely and just made a new friend.
the childless couple who just adopted a baby.
the homeless man who just got handed $20.
and when it is all said and done. i am blessed beyond measure. this i know for sure.
sometimes i just need to be reminded.

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