happy thanksgiving.

i try and count my blessings every day. (try...) but at thanksgiving, one (myself) is especially aware of the many blessing that i have been fortunate to have and continue to have in my life. even on the worst day, i am blessed beyond measure...so today i will tell you:
i am thankful for:
-friends that love me and accept me as i am. flaws and all (and they are a plenty).
-burt's bees chapstick.
-loving parents.
-a job that i am happy to go to daily.
-the many children in my life.
-mexican food.
-the macy's thanksgiving parade.
-a car (that currently is holding most all of my worldly possessions).
-propel (black cherry).
-my three nephews.
-a warm place to sleep at night
(listed in no particular order)
happy thanksgiving to you and yours.
thank you for taking the time out of
your busy day to read my blog.

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