monsters of folk.

this weekend, myself and this fella went to louisville to see our friends, monsters of folk.
friends, you say?
oh yes, we are tight.
last month while in LA (that just sounds cool, huh?) we ran into them* and (see above proof) became fast friends, and the rest is history. the least we could do is go and see them when they were close, so to louisville we went. it was a fun weekend, with some great music and some really scary scares.
real scary.
we were not allowed to take pictures at the show, so i only took ten or so...(rule breaka, i know, i know...). the architecture in the louisville palace was lovely, intricate and warm. i wanted to go camera crazy, sometimes i think he is relieved when they say NO CAMERAS. he actually gets a break and from a constant flash. i am a lot of trouble. i know this.
*so here's what happened when "we" say them. i did not see them. i did not know who they were, to be honest..."monsters of huh???" yeah, i had no clue. you see, on this here blog, i try and be cool, so you in turn think i am wise, i am not. sooo, we were eating lunch at universal studios, me and this fella, enjoying each others company, having a good time....when suddenly there arose such a clatter (oh, wait...wrong story...). when suddenly, he swiftly (like really really swiftly) gets out of his seat, remember we are in mid conversation, and runs away.
see ya. later.
no buh-bye.
no nothing.
no, i might be back lata.
luckily, i know him pretty well, so i figured as such when he came back ubber excited that he had seen monsters of folk. after thirty minutes of explaining to me (he is a very patient man) who they were and why WE were excited, i was excited to meet them. as they were coming out the previous ride that they had been on, we happened to run into them and asked for a picture. they obliged.
and that my friends, is how we became the BFF's that we are today.
but then again, would i say anything less about my best friends...?
p.s. they came out after intermission dressed as KISS.
p.s.s it was huuuuuuuuu-larious.

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