i don't believe in santa.

yes, i realize that's a bold statement to make when i am counting on the big guy to fulfill all my hope and dreams for the new year, but most of my life i didn't believe.
my parents decided that they would tell me there was no santa claus from birth because that is "lying" to your child. i say please lie to me. i wanted to believe, but couldn't. after all, my parents would never "trick" me, right? even though i never believed in santa, my mother told me that just because i "knew" that i was not to tell my friends and schoolmates because they believed in santa. me, being the obedient little girl that i was, listened and never told a soul that i knew the truth.
well, except my cousin skyler.
he lived across the way on morison lane. and every year we would have a war of words, he telling me that there was a santa and me telling him that he was silly and there was no such thing. looking back, i can just see my aunt sheron seething with disgust, but she never said anything, after all, they were believers and believing is all you needed.
my two favorite christmas memories are:
one year after our usual back and forth about the fact of "is santa real or not." he almost had me convinced to believe. what would happen is after we would open our presents we would walk across the lane to each others house to see what all we got. my point every year was i always got everything i asked for and more and i didn't believe in santa claus, how is that even possible?
then it happened. he asked for a real tool set from the elves. a tool set that the elves use? yeah right. like he would get that. there are no such things as elves either.
he got it. and it was so cool. and there was a note from the elves on it too. they said it was real just like they use. are you kidding me? is there a santa?
but that same year, i had asked for a holly hobby kitchen. a stove, oven and refrigerator. and i got it. i remember walking in the den and there it was, it was like "AHHHHHHHH" all shinning and big and pretty. and i could not believe that it was even possible that my parents could get me something so grand.
i wanted to believe.
my other favorite memory. one year i had asked for boy twin cabbage patch kid dolls. i have always been kinda obsessed with twins and would still one day like to be blessed with the gift of my own, but that year i had asked for twin boy dolls. my mom had the same issues i have. she has a hard time keeping the gifts she buys fro those she loves until christmas. it was december twenty-third and we were coming home from visiting my aunt and she says, "jessica, honey, do you want one of your christmas presents?" i, of course, said yes. so she pulled over to the side of the road, gets in the trunk and walks around to my side of the car holding a huge cabbage patch kid doll box and inside were the cutest little red headed boy dolls you have ever seen. melvin and marvin.
i love christmas.

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