a little over ten months ago, i met him.  my first glance at him was 4:00 am, way to early for both of us, but cordial we were and went on about our day.  later that day, i had to do his hair for the for the movie set he was working on and as i got to talking to him, spraying him down with as much hairspray as the can held, he seemed interesting enough.  interesting enough for us to carry on our conversation throughout the course of the day, however it never came up.  i did learn enough about him that day from our casual conversation that he seemed nice, uncomplicated and a pleasure to be around.  he never told me about it though.  not that day.

we met again several weeks later, and slowly he began to share it with me.  he was never ashamed, shy or anything else; i learned, he was just humble.  humble enough to answer questions when asked, humble enough not to brag, even though it was something in which he was thoroughly accomplished and proud.  it was something he dreamed, visioned and created.  and doubters had come and gone, but still he pressed on making it the best it could be.

the more time i began to spend with him, i started to realize what talent he truly had.  i soon learned that in addition to his full time job, he also felt compelled to work just as hard if not sometimes harder on it.  

watching him work, i learned a lot about him as a person and about the true commitment he has to his passion.  i also learned that it encompasses his mind, bogs him down, stresses him out more than anything else does; because he pushes himself as hard as he possibly can.  he pushes past the levels of perfection until in return he hears the exact sounds that started just as an idea.

i have observed him get an idea and within minutes, days, weeks later has a rhythm turned beat turned song that anyone would be proud to claim as their own.  i watched as he put the finishing touches on his latest album.  watched him as he opened the return box with the hundred of albums looking the exact way he had envisioned and sounding like the perfect mix of what he had so thoroughly and steadfastly created.  created on his own, empowered with only ideas, vision and dreams.

last night i got to watch him in a whole new element.  even though i have known him for quite a while now and we are way past formalities, last night i got to dig deeper and see another side of him.  you see, many times he has let me hear his latest creation, played me his latest beat, told me a new idea, but last night i had the privilege of watching him take all the hard work and present it to an audience.  i was able to see him take his nerves and turn them into perfection. 

my expectations were high.  because i know what he is capable of, and last night he exceeded my expectations.  and as i looked around the room with a gathering of an eclectic crowd, i saw heads bobbing, feet moving and a captivated audience.  

i was captivated by him.  

i could not help but think about the first time he told me about it, and let me in to a small piece of his world.  how he had trusted me with his dream.  

but last night i was just another girl in the crowd, captivated by the talent that took the stage in the form of brad d.

you were incredible.  
i am so proud of you.  


brad d said...

thanks dear. it was a joy and an honor for you to be there. much more to come. that much i know.

Amanda Lomax said...

J- you inspire me to share the crazy stuff in my head. thank you so much for making me feel not so alone.

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