memory lane.

i was born into responsibility, so it should come as no surprise to you since i have no children of my own, that i must take care of others.  apparently, at a young age, i had babies to take care of (all while being a proper lady of course...)

and yes, funny you ask, i still go to work dressed as such, showing a lotta leg, stilettos and a large "oh, yes as a matter o' fact I AM from the south" hat.  but what is more impressive about the two pictures, they possess two of my loves (NO, not michael jordan and tiger woods, i know i should hate him, i know, i know...), babies and a camera (never mind the mid-drift that my mother felt appropriate that i wear that day, i have since become more modest...)

when i was in first grade my parents made the decision to send me to small baptist private school.  you had to wear skirts below your knee there, even when parents came to pick up their children, the mothers had to have the same attire (i only went there for a mother was not having that...). while i attended there, i went to an amy grant concert with my mom and two friends.  the next day my teacher, ms. davis (a very stern, old lady...bless her...), asked me if amy grant had worn pants at the show.

and she did...

i promptly without thinking said, "no ma'am."

i should have showed ms. davis this picture, she might have died seeing so much leg.

and then there is this...and when i see her cute little, overall clad country self, i just wanna sing,

So rock me mama like a wagon wheel
Rock me mama anyway you feel
Hey mama rock me
Rock me mama like the wind and the rain
Rock me mama like a south-bound train
Hey mama rock me

thank you old crow medicine show.  i could have been your poster child.  
you are welcome.

he was and is one of my heros, for he is my big brother.  i think this might have been the only time he was nice to me growing up and he was probably pinching me while we were trying to pretend we loved each other...he just wanted me to cry, all while wetting my pants so he could call me "moanie red eyes..."
don't you feel so sorry for me?
you like that hat don't you?
and what is even better...are the are digging the blazers.
mine was winter white.

and that's how she started, with the bling, bling from the get-go.
check out that ring and bracelet.  i swallowed that ring right after that photo shoot...
just kidding.

and this trip down memory lane has ended, aren't you lucky.

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