it was a wild ride. while it lasted.

last night i got married.  


the first marriage was to bob costas.  we were happy for a while, happy enough to have two children, little apolo anton ono and shawn white.  i have a feeling they are going to be successful, they seem to be quite athletic.  funny enough, they look nothing like bob nor i, or each other.  

that ended as quick as it started.

and then i married al.  al roker.

i have always been partial to weather men.  and he is quite the weather man.  together we had scott hamilton.  again, it is funny how i keep birthing children that look nothing like their parents, but it keeps happening.  

in this journey, we'll call LIFE, i found a cure for baldness; which seems odd that i would find a cure for baldness and am married to a bald man (al roker) and have a bald child (scott hamilton).  clearly, this excluded my family.  i didn't want to be a show off.  i try to stay humble.  

as much as i was a success with my children and LIFE, i did accidently burn my grandparents kitchen down.  that was unfortunate. that set me back $20,000.00.  

some years were better than others, but all in all, it as a good journey and am proud of my many accomplishments.  


Alicia said...

gotta love a great board game! we played PAYDAY last night and lilly ended up with a long distance boyfriend, 9 children, and then she payed a fortune for some bridesmaid's dresses that were never worn.....she's a busy girl you know!

bessie said... left out the part about me and Matt!!

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