mr. boombox.

i like my blogs to happen organically (that makes me sounds so cool, huh?)  but i really do, i like to be doing something or just going along my merry way and an idea happens or a blog unfolds then i have to harbor on it al day until i get a chance to blog. what usually happens by the time i get to a computer is most all my awesome details of the blog are gone, my memory is sparse so the story is only a half truth and there you have it...

anyway.  (i hate it when people say that.)

sike.  (not really.  i really do hate it when people say anywaaaaay.)  i was not allowed to say sike when  sike was cool, my daddy would not let me.  he did not prefer that word, so i was sike-less in a world of teen sikes.  please feel sorry for me.

but i was country, when country wasn't cool.

and i had navy eastlands.

this weekend, the weather was incredible.  it was all over tennessee.  i took some awesome photos, but that seemed kind of generic and boring.  after all, i have clearly been in a bloggers block because the lack of words lately and more pictures.

i can't always have something to say.
okay, maybe i do.

so as i was driving today and thinking about all of the above.  (and let me just tell you, it is quite the feat to keep the car between the yellow lines when you have that much on your mind.)  out of the clear blue sky, i saw him:
and immediately i was full of questions.  i wanted to roll my window down and start the rapid fire:
excuse me sir, is that  duel deck tape player boom box?
where are your tapes?
do you have tapes?
is there really a guitar in there?
it's really full of tapes, huh?
what kind of tapes do you have?
do you have any cd's?
or a cd boom box?
do you ever put that thing on your shoulder?
does it have a radio?
does it have an antennae?
batteries.  does it take batteries?
don't you hate it when the tape film gets all caught up in the tape player?
and then you have to gently get it out without breaking that fine brown film?
is it called film?
sometimes i like to put it back in the tape with a pencil.
you know, put the pencil in one of the little holes and turn clockwise.
yes, i like doing that.
hey, have you ever made a tape?
what about a record?
do you sing?
because we both know that case is full of tapes, huh?

and then the light turned green.

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