of mice and men.

a little over two years ago, i had just started my current job.  i didn't know the family very well, and we headed to florida.  two toddlers, two year old twin boys and their parents.  we were there for an eight week stint, and there is where i would really get to know the family.

and then a mouse was introduced into my life one night.  

and his name was not mickey.

i like to think that i am a pretty rational person.  i don't have many fears, but i do have a few.  some, maybe are a little silly.  but this is not a blog about my many fears, so i will just tell you one.

i am afraid of mice.  
when i say afraid, what i mean is scared to death.
i am sweating writing this and looking around for mice.

and if i see one this blog will not be completed.  for i am scared of mice.


we were in florida, the boys were in the bed and it was about nine at night.  we had had a long day with mickey, of whom i am not
so scared, and were all tired.  the family i nannied for had another couple in florida visiting them.  the men had went out and just
the girls were at the house.  the girls and the sleeping children.

we were talking in the living room, pajama clad and just hanging out having a good time.  and then at the same time i think i see something little and mouse like run across the room, i hear someone say, "was that a."  that was all i needed,
i jumped over the couch and ran to the top of the stairs screaming all the while. sure, the kids were asleep and i was still trying to prove myself to the family, but away i went.  running up the stairs.

can mice climb stairs?  i would like to think this one could not.

as i am screaming, shaking and holding on to the stairs for dear life...he runs from the kitchen...


i scream louder.  the mom is saying, "shhhh.  you are gonna wake the boys."

to which i am thinking, "wake the boys, your nanny is about to DIE!"

i scream still.  for i am afraid of mice.

i am especially afraid of mice that i know reside in my bedroom.

i tell the mom and her friend that i will not sleep in there until the mouse is found and that i can not go in there and find him.

currently.  i have chills running up and down my spine.  
ooooh.  ooooh.  ooooh.

so we waited for the men to get home.  because that is what you do if you are a girl that is afraid of a mouse that has made his home in her room.

the guys walk in the door.  did you ever know that your my hero...

i am still grasping the stairs in horror of this little two inch goliath that has taken over my residence.  i ask them, probably forcefully and not nicely, tell them that there is a mouse in my room and that they have to get it.  they have to get it.

one is scared.  scared as i am to be exact.  i will not out him on here.  he was scared.  he refused to go in there.

the other MAN.  real man.  he went in...and searched my room head to toe.

all the while i am screaming off and on.  screaming.  i am not a screamer.

you give me a mouse.  i am a screamer.  for i am scared of mice.

he yells, "he's in your shoe!"  

i am now attached to the door post of my room, screaming, legs crossed so i will not wet my pants from fear.

just keeping it real.  for i am scared of mice.

after some banging around he comes out with a mouse trapped in a shoe box.  my shoe box.  i forgave him.

chills.  i have cold chills.  i might need CPR to finish this post.

inhaler.  i need to find my inhaler.

hold on.

the rest of that trip, occasionally someone would say, "jessica, there's a mouse."  to which they would see me flail like no other.
then laugh and laugh.

ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.  not funny.  for i am scared of mice.

oh, i proved myself to that family all right.  i proved that i am great with children but if they ever want to get a little cute pet mouse...i am outta there.

i may not sleep tonight for writing this.  for i am scared of mice.

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