rice is the new duct tape.

(my phone on a good day)

forget 'pants on the ground' let's sing a new song.
(verse 1)
phone in the water, 
phone in the water, 
lookin' like a fool with your phone in the water.

sometimes i mop.  mop the floor.  and for my entire live long days i have mopped without incident.  that was until yesterday.  i mopped with incident.  for i accidently submerged my iphone in the hot mop water.  it even took me a while to fish around and find it.  oddly enough when recovered it failed to work properly.  

so i immediately made three phone calls on an alternative phone.  on one of the phone calls i was told to immediately put my phone in a bag of rice.
(verse 2)
phone in the rice,
phone in the rice,
lookin' like a fool with your phone in the rice.

so i found some kashi rice and put my phone and the rice in a baggie.  this is by far the weirdest thing i have seen in a while.
and after a few hours, it began to work.  occasionally, that is.  every five minutes or so, that is.  so i kept it in the bag of rice.  for healing.  for love.  because it was hungry.

then it was bed time and needed to be charged.  so in goes the charger, seal the bag of rice.  god forbid i get a text message on my on-again-off-again phone.
this is going to cause problems during the night.  i can already tell.  what if it rings?  and it is dark?  because if that bag of rice with a cell phone spills.  i quit at life.
i got a text message and then i got four.  and i texted with the phone in the bag of rice.  because it was healing.  and still working occasionally.
no this is not an ad for sephora, but i do love that place.  today ready for work.
(verse 2)
phone in the rice,
phone in the rice,
lookin' like a fool with your phone in the rice.

and all i could think was, "if this rice spills in my purse will it have been worth it?"

tonight i am happy to report that i have a working iphone.  it seems to be without incident.  there are a few rice particles stuck crevices here and there (which might be the end of me for i am anal) but other than that - we are back in business.

thank you kashi. 

now that my phone has recovered and healed, if you will - think i can still use the rice?
(back to normal, good as new)


John and Sarah Clore said...

poor little phone, looked like it was on life support when it was hooked up to the charger in your bed. made me laugh!

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

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