so we trespassed...

on thursday, we ( and went here:

and asked if we could go in this cool building and look around.  the man working, we'll call him mike (since that was his name...) said, "no."  but he did say we could walk around and look around.   he also told us the security guard would be back in fifteen minutes and he would probably not let us either.

so we left.

then we came back and decided to take him up on the offer to walk around.  we were especially interested in the area where the "no trespassing" sign was...and since we were all adults and we were in the wild blue yonder of weeds and thorns, we decided to take the chance.

so we trespassed.

and saw this.


saw where the wild fern grows.

and then...
just as we were headed back down the hill and home free.  we just trespassed and did not get caught, holla!  we heard a large vehicle, a beep of the horn and a very large security guard who quickly asked us what part of trespassing did we not understand.  


later on in this trip we visit a correctional complex.  


Bessie said...

Sounds a little shady....didn't realize you were a criminal.

Anonymous said...

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