bunny pellets.

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today i saw this sign and got really excited.  heart skipped a beat excited.  can you read the sign?  you're excited, huh?  the sign says 'march 13 the bunnies' which means, march 13, real live bunnies will be taking residence at the toy store. bunnies you can pet, take pictures of and admire. bunnies that make you wish you had your own bunny or bunnies while you are there in fantasy land...dreaming of the day. and then you will notice the plethora of bunny pellets (aka poop) and will realize that they are in fact still the cutest things in the world, but you will be overjoyed that they are not in your residence.  if you grow attached you can even come daily.  i suggest this method.

when i was a nanny for my now chicago family, we went often to see the bunnies during the easter season and the oldest child, a girl, who was rather precocious and shy; did not like attention being drawn to her AT ALL loved the bunnies and when leaning over to pet the bunnies, fell over the make shift gate into the bunny cage.  for thirty seconds we were all stunned, her two brothers, myself and of course she was.  after we gathered our thoughts and i looked around to make sure that we were not in trouble or that the bunny police were not going to attack.  swiftly i grabbed her, dusted off the bunny pellets (aka poop, let's remember) and we were good as new.  because i am that good of a nanny.  

she'll be visiting, and maybe she'll wear this furry coat and i'll just throw her in and no one will notice, for she has bunny pellets as well.  

just keeping it real.

just keeping it real.

5207 Harding Pike
Nashville, TN 37205-2893
(615) 352-5363

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Alicia said...

my favorite store ever! we will NOT be visiting the bunnies! We have 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 2 guinea pigs.....I DO NOT NEED MY CHILDREN TO BEG FOR BUNNIES!

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