gatlinburg, iphone style

this past weekend, i got to see my wonderful friend melinda who was here visiting her family all the way from germany.  since she was so close, we planned a girls weekend in a cabin in gatlinburg.  so come along and enjoy the weekend with me.
this large billboard said "i love bubba" and i do, so i needed a picture.  so i asked karen (melinda's sister) to take the picture seeing that i was the driver.  no pressure really, i am just a picture freak.  she was nervous but did not let me down.  good thing!  thanks karen.
then donald trump/michael jackson's house threw up in this store.  because if i am in the mountains, back woods...the thing that i am searching for would be large glass vases and chandeliers.
moving along.
so i have a thing with tunnels and pictures.  i think that tunnels produce the neatest looking pictures.  and i have never been disappointed, for i think this is the neatest looking picture.  and i know you do too.  you do.  yes, you do.
and while we are talking about it, i forgot to mention that there was a santa claus convention in town that weekend.  santa was everywhere.  to which i say, if there really is a santa...why were there so many.  santa is one guy.  and he was everywhere we looked.  i need to know the truth.  santa, please help a sister out.  in this picture above, which i believe was the real thing, he and mrs. claus had the prettiest coats on; something only the north pole could produce.
arrows on the street.  i was easily distracted on this trip apparently as well.  for i found this little ditty quite lovely and artsy as well.  good thing my phone was charged.
oh there you are!  those were the four gals i was suppose to be keeping up with.  but between the arrows, santa's and tunnels this was a hard chore.  so i decided to snap pictures of their back ends.  they will thank me later.  i just know it.
and gatlinburg brought us together, and greg and brandy too.  twice.  they were somewhere having a very good time.  for they love each other.  the sign says so.  and i believe it.
hail!  hail!  it's a fan, i aint's never seen one of these before.  sometimes i get desperate for a picture when supplies are limited.

thank you and good night.

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