oscars 2010

last year, on a whirlwind trip to LA, we (braddstudios.blogspot.com and myself) had the pleasure of touring the kodak theatre.  the place where it all happens.  the place where once a year everyone who is anyone gets all 'gussied up' in their sunday best and seeks out the crowned jewel of acting fame.  behind the scenes were amazing, seeing where the kiss and cry area was to the place where the rich and famous hang out; eat snacks like you and i.  well, they probably don't really eat like you and i, for i am sure they just smell the food or eat a few crumbs; but we were there.  we walked where some of our idols had walked and got to hear first hand what their night was like.

so this year, it will be a particularly fun year to watch.  watching, it will be so interesting; interesting to know exactly where they are.  knowing that they just walked through the hallway that holds all the black and white photos of all the favorite winners in the past.  when we were there, we walked through with admiration in our eyes and maybe a little envy in our hearts of who they are and what they have accomplished.  as the actors and actresses walk through that same hallway tomorrow night; i would like to think that they might be feeling a little of the same thing.

after all, i would like to think we are not that different after all.  robert downey jr is not that different from this guy.  and sandra bullock, not that different from me.  we were in the same place.  different times, yes.  they were invited, we paid to visit.  they have on ball gowns and tux's, we had on jeans.  they stay for hours, we stayed for thirty minutes.  they have a glamorous meal afterwards, we had in-and-out.  really - i see no difference.

but what they missed was the shopping afterwards.  because while they are busy hustling and bustling with the crowd, we were onto the next store.  for the kodak theatre is in a shopping mall.  believe it, it's true.  try to catch a glimpse sunday as you are watching...

break a leg.

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