sick day.

today i am not working.  i am sitting.  laying on the couch even.  i have dressed the upper part of my body and the lower, pajama pants.  my place needs to be cleaned as do i, but i am still sitting in the silence of nothingness.  i have been forced into silence because i have no voice (well, i have a voice but i sound like a gravely man, i might could give ray lamontange a run for his money today).  maybe, i am on to something...

but you know what, it is nice.  it is nice to be quiet.  quiet.  nothing but the hum of the computer.  if you know me, you know i have a thing with putting the tv on mute and going about my merry way.  the tv is on mute, but my merry way has only found it to the couch.

now if someone would just bring me some soup and hot tea, the day would be perfection.

perfection, other than the fact that my voice ain't workin' all that well and i feel lazy.  must have been all that chatter last night. or the obsessive noises i make at the little lady daily or the amount of times i bust into song just to amuse her (and me) throughout the day.

so on this day i decided because he made me.  guess that means that i did not decide.  i agreed.  i agreed to create a watermark for some of my photos.  and guess what, i did it.  it is done.  i have a real live watermark to put on my prints.  i feel so real.  not that i was not real a few hours ago, but more real now, i am.  go with me, please...i don't feel well.  and i can't defend myself either cause i have been silenced today.  and we all know that can not last long because let's be honest, who are we talking about...

be nice.

now i must go and find the other half of my attire.  or maybe not, maybe it will just be a pajama pant kinda day.

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