sometimes you just have to be pushed.

you do.

i have an eye for things and i know it.  and as hard as it is to admit to that, i will.  i am as visual as they come.  not the sharpest crayon in the box, but i gots a good eye.  i love to capture beauty as i see it, as i see it happen and unfold.  i love to capture moments so over time the moments stay with you.  i can't always have my camera hanging around my neck and i try not to be overtly obnoxious in taking pictures. but over the past year.  i have recognized more and more that i really do have talent.  that i can take a good picture every now and again.  (and especially if i take a thousand, i can find one in the bunch...)

i like to think i have become better because I have become better just because.  it does help that i was given the awesome gift of the camera of my dreams.  it also helps that i was given a few lens as well for that camera.

but what has made the biggest difference in my skills is i have found someone who believes in me.  really believes in me.  tells me i am good.  tells me that i have talent.  tells me when the picture is not so good.  encourages me.  presses me. wants me to be better.  when i make excuses, tells me i am making excuses.  and when i achieve something good, encourages me.

it makes a difference.  i think about it all the time.  would i be where i am now without such belief in me?  i like to think that with my sheer talent (haha) i would, but am smart enough to know that someone cheering me on and encouraging me to be the best has formed me into someone who wants to be better.  and wants to grow.  and wants to see results.  in everything i do.

and when someone believes in you, you want them to be proud of you too.

so by this time next out annie leibovitz!

and as my daddy would say, "pride comes before the fall young lady."  

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