today i...

straightened and sorted. (ninja turtles, batman, robins and transformers)
kissed a baby lots and lots. (because i can't help myself)
thought about neil patrick harris and his talents. (because he is talented)
picked up and cleaned up. (piles, clothes, stuff)
kissed a baby lots and lots. (she is a leach, and i can't resist)
straightened and sorted. (more of the same...oh, and cars, i left out the 1000 cars)
thought about a fish eye lens. (because i am a woman obsessed)
i'll let you guess... (she missed me okay, it was the weekend)
picked up and cleaned up. (because you can never stop)
pretended for a second i was at the beach.  (but woke up when i saw no water)
put a bathing suit on that baby.  (because i am in control)
took pictures of her fat rolls on her suit.  (better her than me)
kissed a baby lots and lots.  (look, i know.  but you would too)
kinda got a pep in my step thinking of the wedding this evening. (jason and molly's)
reminded myself to dvr.  (the wedding that comes on at 7)
realized that i needed more to think about.  (i can't forget to dvr the wedding)
folded clothes.  (because they were dry, darn it)
put those clothes away.  (because they were folded, oh man)
pretended i was the pioneer woman.  (but there was no MM outside)
kissed that baby again.  (because she was there and her cheeks are fluffy)
WENT ON A STROLL outside.  (because it was WARM and lovely out)
talked to at least 10 strangers while on a stroll (because i am a grown up and i can)
vacuumed. (because the clothes were put away already)
packed some lunches.  (for tomorrow)
wished i was on a stroll. (because the weather is impossibly hard to resist)
wrote a blog.  (in progress)
try to be funny.  (work in progress)
the baby is sleeping that is why there have been no kisses.  (by the way)
listened to birds chirp.  (i love birds)
i have a bird addition.  (addiction, actually)
wished that baby would wake up.  (so i can kiss her)
waited for karate to end.  (so my night can begin)
i have a wedding to attend.  (remember)

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