congratulations ethan!

i couldn't help but think of the rest of their lives as i watched the graduating class of 2010 start to gather in the hallway getting ready to march.

i couldn't help but be so incredibly proud of my brother as i watched him watch his baby boy graduate from high school.  the father he is and the son he raised.

i couldn't help but laugh at the ten of us waving madly to get his attention.  and what we got in return.  as if he was saying, "i see you guys, please remain calm."

i couldn't help but think of the rest of his life that is about to start as soon as he moves his tassel.  it's a big world out there.

i couldn't help but feel old as he shook the hand of his superior to receive his degree.

i couldn't help but think of myself on my graduation day as they turned their tassels.  the excitement i felt.  the dreams that crashed in my face.  the dreams that came true.  the dreams that i never knew i had.  life.

i couldn't help but cheer loudly at tradition.  it doesn't get much better than the hat throw.  

i couldn't help but watch as he located his hat.  after all, those things are hard to come by.

i couldn't help but wonder...what time those shoes were going to see the premier of sex and the city 2.  

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