while i had a ten month stay in hair school, i had to create a portfolio of all my work.  work to show clients my bad skills...that i got chops.  so they would pick me....

my portfolio has been retired...but....this is what i found wandering around in my house last night...
to which i instantly thought of that there portfolio and what i could do to make this caveman see again.  cause i knew i had the skills, i just had to convince him.*

*i just had to convince him.  meaning that he had to convince me.  i was nervous, sweaty and all pitting out just thinking about cutting his hair.  because i had done this before and he kinda had a freak out on me...so nervous i was.  because i knew that even if it was cut well...looked good (to me and anyone else in his viewing area), if he did not like it.  it was a fail.  so the pressure was on.

and this is the final product.  can't you tell he just loves it???  i mean, jumping for joy love of the new 'do.  it is written all over his face.  he.  loves.  the.  cut.  i know, i know...he had a hard time calming down (clearly) to take the picture.

i was no where to be seen for i was in the shower removing the sweat from every pore in my body.  i still have not fully recovered.

thank you and good night.

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