blueberries and questions.

after nearly a week of the little fellas being out of town, we are finally back together again.  and have blueberries to show for it.  i decided to sit one of the little fellas down for a chat since it had been a while since we had seen each other.

here's how it went:

ms. jessica:  so, have you been thinking what you want to be when you grow up?

little fella:  yeah, um, i think i am going to be a pilot, ms. jessica.

MJ:  oh yeah?  what exactly is a pilot? (i know what a pilot is, just wondering if he does)

LF:  well, a pilot is someone that flies airplanes.  you know, ms. jessica?

MJ:  OH yes, i do.  well, how do you become a pilot?
LF:  well, you year i have to go to ms. carlinas class, and then kindergarten, then 1st, 2nd and last grade and then i go to pilot school and then i am a pilot.

MJ:  ah, and how old will you be when you are finished with school to be a pilot?

LF:  fifty.

MJ:  right.  now will you be married or no?

LF:  oh, i will be married and i already know who i will marry.  and um, um, jessica, i changed my mind, i am not going to marry you any more, i am going to marry sarah.

MJ:  that's okay.  how old will sarah be, you think, when you get married?

LF:  um, what's that number before fifty?

MJ:  forty-nine?

LF:  forty-nine.  yes, she will be forty nine.

MJ:  okay.  where are you going to live?

LF:  ms. jessica?  where does juju [his grandmother] live?

MJ:  bristol.  bristol, tn
LF:  well, i am going to have a house beside her.

MJ:  in bristol?

LF:  yep.

MJ:  you mean, you are going to be a pilot and you could live anywhere in the world and you are going to live in bristol by juju?

LF:  yes, ms. jessica!

MJ:  okay.  well, what do you think your [twin] brother should be when he grows up?

LF:  a pizza man.  

MJ:  a pizza man?

LF:  well, he LOVES pizza and CARS, ms. jessica.  BUT, HE WILL NOT be able to marry sarah, because i am going to marry her first.

MJ:  well, then you better reconsider waiting til she's forty-nine then, big un.

LF:  oh ms. jessica.  you are so silly.

MJ:  by the way what should i be when i grow up?

LF:  a dancer.

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