california or bust.

my TO-DO list nearly put me in an early grave tonight, but i am happy to report i am alive and well.  well, alive, i am.  well?  we'll leave that up to interpretation.  no comment please and thank you.

i have both camera's charging.
the suitcase almost packed.
the appropriate information all printed out
the phone chargers packed
really, i am that organized.  
go ahead and hate me.

i am out of places to put my tennis shoes.  and this is a huge problem.  that i will face.  in the morning.

if all else fails, i will just wear them with the cute black dress that i am wearing.  then i can look like a 'cool mall walker' except i will be in an airport, so i will look like a 'cool airport walker.'

go with me, i am just trying to convince myself that i will look smashing in this ensemble.  
don't worry there will be no pictures.  

one more thing.  
i plan on wearing whatever concoction to work because that is just easier than changing.  
and usually i average being at work about ten minutes before i am spit up on, dirty or wet.  

tomorrow i am gonna have faith.

or maybe i will just teach all the people that smell the spit up and grossness from three chil'hen on my

faith.  that the airplane will soon land and that they will soon be rid of me.

and that, my friends, is what you call a blog when you are trying to delay the inevitable of packing for a trip.

how'd i do?

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