tuesday when i went to old navy, someone backed into my car.  fail.  it was her fault, her car was sorely bruised, mine was barely scraped.  both vehicles were black.  so we just swapped a little paint.

so imagine my surprise today when i went back to the same shopping area and left without a scrape.  success.  feeling good about myself.

i immediately went home and tried on the new skirt that i had purchased for $6.94 and to my delight it was cute and perfect. success again.  look at me!

so i decided to shave my legs real good like and let the skirt stay on for the evening.  ouch, for i soon cut my leg.

five minutes later applying my mascara, i severely poked my eye.  severely poked meaning i had water drippage from both eyes for over five minutes and had to start over.

immediately i thought of the minor wreck that happened tuesday.  success.

happy weekend.  the end.


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