seven four ten.

yesterday was a good day.
{a bunch of nothing and then ended the afternoon and evening with friends.}

and this little red head.

these were the cast of characters.  minus me.
doesn't california look lonely without me?

then we (uh huhm...ME) headed outside for fireworks from bessie's huge expansive balcony.
i was armed with the camera, so i was sure to get the best firework shots anyone anywhere has ever seen.

for example in the shot above, check out the AFTER effect of that firework.
i mean, WOW.

and then we have this beauty.  
don't act like you don't see it.
you do.
its way back there behind the trees and all the apartments.

and this gem.  in fact is not numerous falling stars at once.
it is a firework.  it is.  the very end.  i like to leave you in suspense.

i don't like admitting i failed.  but i did.
i failed in "the best firework shot ever" award.  i would not even be near a bronze.

but have mercy, i was so taken aback with the bang and the boom and pow.
that i kept forgetting and missing the shot.

next year, i'll do better.

i'll try at least.

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