this time last year.

this time last year.  i was doing pretty much the same thing as i am doing now.  sitting on the couch.  today though i have added french toast to my tradition.

go me!

last year, bessie, LD, myself and decided to take in a sounds game and dinner.  it was going to be an all american fourth of july.  i even remember several, "man, we are sooo all american!"  "a hot dog AND a baseball game!" and you get the picture.  we were really thinking we were something.  being all american and everything.

i am sure i said at some point during the course of the evening, "that makes me want a hot dog real bad."  because that seems to be the funniest movie line i have ever heard.  and every time i hear hot, dog, hot dog, america, fourth, puppies, get the picture.  i say that line from legally blonde.  because it is funny.

and day in and day out, i tend to be hilarious.

so in between the fist pumps and the knuckle bumps of our all american selves.  we were headed to the game.  not gonna lie, i was just a little bit (okay, A LOT) excited that had decided to come along.

so i was trying my darnest to be extra cool. 

and day in and day out, i tend to be not so.


on our way to the game, the bottom falls out.  if you are from morrison lane, that means it started raining cats and dogs.  and if you are from morrison lane, raining cats and dogs means it was comin' a storm.  and if you are from morrison lane, comin' a storm means it was really raining.  really really raining.


we were headed to the game.  remember, we are all american and going to a baseball game on the fourth.  

go US!

and being cool and not wanting to be the one that said, "yeah, no.  i don't think we should do this, it is really raining."  we all just kept pressing on and didn't say the obvious.  walking into the ball game, blowing and hovering with each other as a shelter from the storm.  we all kept on walking forward.  

then he said it.

he did.

"guys, i think this might not be a good idea."

immediately, without acknowledging that he might in fact be the smartest person in the world,  we all turned in unison and walked swiftly back to the car.  

and headed to five guys to have hot dogs and hamburgers in doors and then to the movies.

soaking wet.

happy fourth of july, y'all.  

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great experience, dude! thanks for this great post wow... it's very wonderful report.

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