can i help you with him?

a while back, mr. you know who and myself were at whole foods getting some sushi for dinner.  as i tend to be a wonderer in grocery stores and especially whole foods because they have all kinds of treateries around every corner...i was...


he was on task and getting the sushi.  he knew what he wanted, i was wondering...ahhh....look at those over to the bakery section i went.  admiring the little creations that had whipped up.  i mean, they had the prettiest little mini cakes for $6.99.  i kinda wanted to celebrate something and just get one...but decided i might loose some cool i stayed on task and kept my mind set on sushi.

but as i was gracing the bakery counter, the guy working looked at his creations and said,
"can i help you with him?"

i stopped.  looked at him.  looked at mr. you know who.  looked at him again.

and we both burst into spontaneous laughter.

"did i say, can i help you with HIM?  i meant, can i help you with something?"

"well, i might need more help with HIM, but nah...i don't need a cake..."

and back to the sushi i went...

still to this day, one of the funniest moments of my life.

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