friday the 13th.

today is friday, the thirteenth {are you scared?}  just incase you have no idea.  and the month is august.  (just trying to keep you on your toes, folks.)

normally i would be at work hanging out with my three little friends, today i am home alone.  i am off.  the chil'hen have flown the coop and are out of town.  

it is friday and it is nice to have a surprise day of catch up.

post office (mail letter, get bubble mailer)
old navy
grocery (am i the only person that calls the grocery - grocery?)
emissions (for the third time, say a prayer)
work out!

all that is after i watch the today show and eat my cereal.  

i could get used to this.

what are your friday plans?

1 comment:

Alicia said...

was the bubble mailer to mail pics to a certain someone?????
just kidding.....maybe!
you know i love ya!

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