i dropped my drugs.

the other night i had a headache and in an attempt to make the headache go away, i searched high and low for some tylenol and found it nestled all snug in my purse.  after plowing through en endless array of things i deem as necessities that i must carry around with me whenever, wherever...i finally got to the bottle o' drugs, just to drop the ever loving pills into my handbag which forced me to clean it out.

bummer.  because i liked having 1,256,496 receipts in there.  after throwing away the said receipts, here's what was left.
underwear.  because who doesn't have blue striped boxer briefs in their purse?
drugs.  don't leave home without them.  although, don't drop them after you have them in your hand or you will be forced to clean out your purse.  and then write a confessional blog.  and then be embarrassed of the contents of your purse.
oh ziploc how i love thee.  i mean, let's talk about this.  what can't they do?  this here ziploc is holding the wipes that you never know when will be needed.  notice the supply is low---they are needed.  let's review.  what was the first thing i had in my purse again?  riiiiiiiiiiight, extra underwear.  case and point.

note to self:  refill wipe supply.
possibly one of the best gifts i have been given beside my D90.  this allows me to go sans purse when i am cool and at a show with www.braddstudios.blogspot.com which is rather often.  just hook her on your wrist and the rest is history.
just keepin it real folks.  i am a girl.  these are needed.
that's love.  i was having a bad day a while back and bessie sent me flowers.  and i have hung onto this card because it make me happy.  although it was buried underneath all the other crap and i didn't really even know i had it.  but it sounded better to say the previous, and it DOES make me happy.  i am going now to put it in a safe place.  thank you very much.
the national.  if you do not have this CD, never heard of them or are interested in the cover art...  listen to them, now.  they are awesome.  and awesome.  and awesome.  listen, download and buy.  you will not be sorry.  you can thank me later.
because why not?  a mcdonalds matchbox car.  unopened.  bribery at it's finest.
a notepad.  a cute one.  from anthropology.  i have four for all four seasons.  this one is my winter notepad.  i have three more, summer, spring and fall.  i have carried this winter one for two years. don't judge.  i am saving the others.  i have issues with saving things.  (more on this later)
because one time i read that hilary duff loves these and keeps them with her at all times.  so i thought, "hump, i think i will love those too and want to keep them with me at all times"  and so i do.  never know when you are gonna need some clean teeth.  they are a must in a ladies handbag.  go buy some.
gum, just incase i run out of wisps.
diaper.  oh hush, you have one too.  this is awesome when i am out with www.braddstudios.com or the girls and when i go to look for something it never fails to be the first thing i pull out of my purse.  because i am cool like that.
where to eat locally?  i got the book.  i keep it right between the diaper and underwear.
i can never find these because...who can ever find a pen when needed?  right?  i am putting them in a safe place now.  right now.  in the side pocket, and i bet they stay there.  for about 4.5 seconds.
just kidding...she wasn't in my purse.  you were worried, huh?

p.s.  after all of that...i found the tylenol that i had dropped.  shew.


HopeGrows247 said...

Jess, you crack me up!!! How have I let this JEWEL of a blog pass me by???? Seriously!

Carey Ann

Alicia said...

looks a lot like my purse......only i'm sure mine's worse!
btw, i am in love with the table that served as your background for the pics! it's beautiful!

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